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Relish Farm

Relish Farm is newly design and developed using Ghana Coco Base of Truffle for you to create enticing new recipes for your consumers. It is a cost-effective way of preparing truffle that set easily and goes through cycles of heat and chill to reduce wastage. The goodness of Ghana Coco

Product Features

  • Reduces consumption of chocolate.
  • Excellent glossy texture and mouth feel
  • Enhances taste & stability of cakes.
  • Made with superior quality of cocoa from Ghana.
  • Cholesterol and trans fat free.
  • Perfect for ganache making.

Shelf Life

Unopened (at -18°C or below): 12 months


Unit Weight: 1 Kg (12 Pcs Units/ case)


-18°C or below


Cake Topping & Filling I Dessert I Mousse I Souffle I Eclair I Milk Shake I Dollop

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