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Tropical Premium

Dairy Free Premium Topping with nature to suit in tropical environment as a replacement to dairy , Competition and margarine in the bakery & food service industry.

Product Features

  • Great Taste, smooth, light & creamy with no aftertaste.
  • Outstanding stability: Holds in display and under refrigeration, so dessert Can be prepared in advance without re-whipping or reapplying
  • Versatile: Can be used as an ingredients, topping, garnish or filling.
  • Superior yield: Whip up to more than four times of it`s volume in minutes, making it cost effective and easier to store then dairy products.
  • Smooth in application.
  • Made from best quality premium ingredients.

Shelf Life

Unopened at (at -18ยบ C or below) : 12 Months


Unit Weight: 1 Kg (12 Pcs Units/ case)


Keep in cool and dry Place


Cake Topping & Filling I Dessert I Mousse I Souffle, Cold Cheese Cake I Pies I Tarts

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