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India leading Premium Bakery Ingredients Brand

About Us

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Whipp Topping

Range of whip toppings with a rich dairy flavor, smooth texture and an ability to impart outstanding shine & finish to your products!



Our Truffle Base is rich and has a smooth texture, making it possible for you to make truffle-based cakes and desserts that just melt in the mouth!


Cake Glaze

Less time consuming and shelf life solution which makes cakes and desserts a shiny look No processing and no hassles


Cooking Cream

Ideal replacement of dairy cream in hot kitchen application for Food service operators


Our Mission

Shineroad India has taken the Mission to Become India Most Reliable Partner of Bakery Industry

Our Vision

We are guided by our vision of "Your Most Reliable Partner Into Food Industry"


Innovation is fuel of our organization, it constantly strenghening our business all over India. We acclerate growth, enhance our margin & deliver expected results.

We are passionate about innovation. We follow Kaizen culture in our organization which leads to high level of effeciency to fulfill our customers needs. Our R& D team takes innovation to next level for developing new product. We also aim to improve taste, texture, stability & shelf life of exisiting product. Our business developement & Marketing team make sure that each n every innovation reach to you.

Let’s Thrive together!

Be a part of Most Promising Distribution Network in Bakery Industry in India